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What is mugshot?

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May. 31st, 2006 | 09:45 pm

Lots of questions about what this software is.

I'll talk a little bit about what I'm seeing it used for.

Imagine a typical day. Somebody emails you a funny or interesting link, or IMs it to you, or whatever. You send it on to your friends, and by the end of the day, somebody has sent it to you again! This is the typical way that links get shared. Mugshot's linkswarm gives you the ability to share a link with a predefined group of people, or the entire mugshot world, with a comment about what is cool about the site. You (and others) can see who is browsing to the site, and you can even start an impromptu chat session about the site, and anybody that comes alone will see the history of the chat and can chime in. The little desk icon will popup with a site is posted, popup again when anybody new visits the site, and also when anybody makes a comment in the chat. It is designed to ruin productivity, it is a social thing. Not only do you see the people talking about it, you can also see what they are currently listening to through various software plugins. If you're a windows user, you can click on the music and play a demo through one of the music services. This is a cool way to learn about new music and such. Just today a bunch of cool links where swarmed, and lots of conversation happened regarding those things. I've setup a couple groups for various interests so that I can target my linkspam to these particular groups.

There is supposed to be some more actions around music and TV coming online soon. Imagine having a discussion during an episode of Lost or somesuch. It is a pretty cool concept and most definitely a productivity killer.

Those that mentioned the site being slow, well yeah. It's just a single computer in one of the Red Hat offices. We're using invite system to limit the users who get in on the beta, but because of slashdot and digg, lots of people are trying to hit the site and figure out whats going on. Should we have more info there? Sure. A more informative place to go would be the developer site. This is very much new territory for Red Hat and I'm pretty excited to see it burn up the 'net news sites.

Now go forth and swarm!

[ Update ]
It seems that the main site has been unable to handle the /. effect and is now handing out 503 messages. Whoops.

[ Update 2, the Updatening ]
And mugshot.org is back up. YaY!

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