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Opinions needed (in bugzilla please) regarding Firefox/compiz interaction for Fedora 8.

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Oct. 19th, 2007 | 09:55 am
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Recently Firefox got some notification support. One of the effects of this support is that if you're using compiz and you have your open browser on a different cube face, compiz will rotate you automatically to the cube face that has firefox on it as soon as you click a link. This is new as of roughly Sept 25th. In the past firefox would go on opening the link but you wouldn't get any notification that it was doing anything, nor would your cube rotate.

I'm of the opinion that I don't want my cube to rotate immediately. This is a pretty severe context switch that is really annoying to me. Often I'm handed links in IRC or email or wherever that I may not want to read immediately, but I'll happily queue it up in a new firefox tab. What I would /love/ to see is that when I click on a link and firefox opens it, every cube face's window list grows a firefox entry that pulses. At my choosing I can click on this pulsing item and /then/ compiz would spin the cube to wherever firefox happened to be. Sometimes I'll want to do this immediately (or after a sufficient time has passed to fully load the page), sometimes I'll wait until I've opened 5 or 10 links.

However I recognize that I am strange at times, and what I'd like to see may be different from what others would like to see. Given that, I'm very interested in other people's opinions as one way or another this feature is going to be in Fedora 8. We'd like to get it right for the majority case or as best of a majority case as we can find. If you have a Fedora (Red Hat) bugzilla account, please comment in a bug I filed about this. If you don't have an account feel free to comment in my blog about it. We'll be looking at comments in both places as we try to make a decision about this issue.

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