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Test 3

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Feb. 20th, 2006 | 11:28 pm

So Fedora Core Test 3 went out. YaY! The biggest thing for me was the new layout of the distribution. No more arch specific sources. Of course, given that this is a test release, something is supposed to be wrong, and I did fulfill that. The source ISOs didn't contain any source RPMS. Whoops. Small bug that I have since fixed, but it wasn't necessary to respin the release. The source/SRPMS dir does have all the SRPMS so we're ok there. The final release will be just perfect. I swear. No boogs. (;

So give Test3 a spin, and try to find all the bugs you can. Between now and the Final release, only bug fixes will be allowed into rawhide. This is the crunch time!

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