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Unleashing the monster

There has been lots of talk about doing a "spin" of fedora that is EVERYTHING. Personally I don't see a lot of value on this, but that's just my opinion, I'm here to serve others as well. To accomplish this, I added support in pungi to be able to use globs in the package manifest. You can do things like aspell-* or kernel* or whatever. For the EVERYTHING spin (which I'm dubbing Monster), I created a manifest of '*'. Currently on i386 this pulls in 6401 packages. That's.... a lot. That is 8.1 gigs worth of packages. It seems to be taking a really really long time to compose this too. The Desktop compose for i386 takes about 11 minutes with yesterday's pungi. This is taking longer. I don't have a number yet as it isn't done. x86_64/ppc will take more space and more time.

I'll need to make some more changes to pungi to support this. Currently it assumes that the tree would fit on one DVD. This is not the case with the Monster spin, so I have to add options for how many DVDs you want as well as how many CDs, and split the package set up a second time. Or just set the CD size to 4.5gigs and split it only once to create DVD images but no CD images. With the one DVD of CD stuff it would be fairly simple to go from a DVD to a set of CDs and vice/versa. But when the tree is larger than one DVD this will not be the case anymore :/

Oh well, back to waiting for the Monster and catching up on back episodes of BSG.

*** Update ***

The Monster spin finished.
real 89m53.161s

That's quite the increase from 12 minutes.

i386-disc1 size: 4.5G
i386-disc2 size: 3.6G
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