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All my mail is belong to google.

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Nov. 4th, 2007 | 07:54 am

For about 7 years now I've been running services for j2solutions.net, my personal domain. I've used it as a springboard for my Linux learning, and it has served me well. However these days I'm no longer learning anything from it, other than I don't want to be a sysadmin anymore. To that extent, I have decided to hand over mail duties to google hosted apps. I can just change my mx records and deliver all the mail over to google, who now can provide it back to me either through their web interface or via pop / imap. This allows me to continue using my beloved mail client for reading/sending mail. Because of imap, and google's trick exposing labels as imap folders, I can still have server side filtering of all my mail (mostly mailing lists these days).

Now, I no longer have to think about keeping spam stuff up to date, no longer have to worry about that next security vuln in my ancient build of courier for Centos3, no longer have to worry about having a decent interface for getting mail from mobile devices, etc...

Sure Google is mining my mail for whatever, but 99% of the mail I do on this domain is all public mailing lists, so who cares right?

Anywho, I'm just happy to be mostly done with the transition.

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