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Looking for a few good hackers!

Are you looking for that awesome summer job? Tired of spending your summer listening to your grandma's stories over and over again? Looking for a challenge, a resume builder, a real world experience, a chance to try out those flame proof undies? Well do we have something that might interest you!

Red Hat/Fedora is looking for a few good summer interns (or Google Summer of Code students!). In particular I'm looking for some folks that would be interested in writing some code and policy surrounding various release engineering and otherwise Fedora infrastructure type things. Some examples? Sure!

Creating Koji Personal Repos

Coding up my non-responsive maintainer detection system

Creating a containment system for new Fedora package maintainers

Drive an effort to mass-remove ACLs from Fedora packages

A Fedora Maintainer Karma system that can be used for various things, including the above.

Create an email gateway to Fedora hosted project ticket systems

Pungi improvements

More pungi improvements

Various other improvements / tasks that we may think up along the way.

There will be a strong need for python programming experience, particularly in open source. Experience with Fedora is an obvious need/desire. A willingness to learn, the ability to handle being told you've done something wrong and trying it again, the ability to learn on the fly, seek out needed information from various parties/documentation, and a desire to get paid for doing some fun work! (oh, and super extra bonus points if you live in the Boston area, or can otherwise be in the Boston area for the summer.)

If any of this sounds interesting to you, and you think you could make a summer out of it, please contact me (it really shouldn't be hard to figure out my email address(es)) and we'll take it from there. This is my first time doing this so we'll both be learning something (:

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