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Hints for making Evolution faster

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Mar. 7th, 2008 | 08:11 am

Recently our company has started using Zimbra for shared calendar stuff. As such I have been putting more of my schedule in there as well as on my phone so that other people can see my schedule. Since it's there, I decided to give Evolution another try so that it can see these things too and my clock applet will show things and I may just get notices even if I'm away from my phone.

However I've had a long battle with evolution and it's speed. Particularly opening imap folders and checking for mail. However somebody recently clued me into a (new?) setting that has sped my evolution use up quite a bit. You see, I don't do any client side filtering, all my filtering is done at the server. But Evolution defaults to a work mode that lends itself to local filtering, particularly with imap. It grabs more headers than normal from each message so that it could filter. There is a setting though, under Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Accounts -> (your account here) -> IMAP Headers. Setting the "Basic Headers - (Fastest)" option will speed up new mail tasks. It was quite noticable when I did this, and now evolution is even more useable! I still have other battles with it, and I'll continue to hound the maintainers to get my RFEs accepted and bugs fixed, but for now, I'm an Evolution user once again.

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