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I want to live where soul meets body

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Dec. 13th, 2008 | 01:26 pm

Christmahuanakwanzaakah came early this year for my wife and I. We treated ourselves to a babysitter for bug (My mom, who was thrilled to spend the evening with him) and we went to the Deck the Hall Ball concert in Seattle. I had wanted to do to this annual event for many years, and we finally just did it.

Aqueduct (local guys, good fun)
Shiny Toy Guns (a GREAT wall of sound, very awesome to see live)
Cold War Kids (extremely talented band)
Death Cab for Cutie (the highlight of the show in my opinion, also local to the seattle area)
The Killers (quite the performers! It shows that they're from Vegas)

All in all it was a fantastic show. We got in early enough to secure some seats in the first row of seats. My knee wasn't really into standing on concrete for 5~ hours. It was very loud, but not so loud that I was deaf for the next 3 days like some concerts I've been too. Also the acoustics were pretty good for a venue of that size.

I would love to go to this show again, and we just might!

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