jkeating (jkeating) wrote,

Fixing the fail that is fedora-devel-list

If you're on the fedora-devel-list mailing list, you've likely noticed how hostile it has become as of late. Ever since we closed down fedora-maintainers-list and migrated everybody over to fedora-devel-list there has been a clash of cultures. This isn't so bad itself, but over the past couple releases the tone and demeanor on this list has gone downhill quite sharply. Active maintainers are running away on horror of what goes on, and questioning the Fedora leadership for allowing it to continue. New contributors are scared away from the project when such rampant abuse is allowed to continue unchecked. It has to stop.

As sad as it is, the Board took on this issue in our last meeting. After a lot of heated discussion, a proposal was banged out that would empower one or more list monitors. These monitors would keep an eye on the list and if any power happens to step out of "line" the poster would be put on a one day moderation. This is the "warning shot". Our hopes is that folks will start to figure out what is and is not allowed to happen on the list and things will tone down a bit, and our developers will start to come back and we can have actual technical development discussion. Those individuals whom don't "get it" will face more severe action from the board, potentially as far as removal from the project. It's our sincere hope that we never have to take anything that far, that as a community we'll get our act together and think twice about what we say in a public list.

The board didn't quite have the guts to enact this proposal immediately, so it's been posted to the fedora advisory board list so that community at large have a chance to provide feedback, as well as be warned. The board's intention is to calm down the list and drive it back in the direction of useful, relevant, on topic, technical discussion of the development of our distribution and the software within. If you think you have a better idea at how to fix the problem, please do post to the advisory board, or comment here, or just email me.

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