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Another 6^H 5 months, another Fedora release

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Nov. 17th, 2009 | 08:34 pm

Fedora 12 released today, go get it. This is the 8th Fedora release I've had the pleasure of being paid to work on in a release engineering role. It has been a long and hard trip, but with lots of rewards along the way. Our community is stronger than ever, with more volunteer (both outside and inside Red Hat) people taking up leadership roles or driving features through or just helping out where help is needed.

12 is cool. 12 was really hard to get out too. 12 had a shorter development period than previous releases, because we lost a month due to an infrastructure incident during the Fedora 10 cycle. We decided to give Fedora 11 a full 6 months as we had a lot of really cool features lining up for it and we were going to do a shorter 12 cycle to polish things up. Turns out we had people doing lots of polish, but other people doing lots of features too, even in a compressed timeline. I'm deeply impressed with the amount of work that can get done, often in spite of the challenges faced by a Fedora developer/maintainer. I can't wait to see what kind of productivity we see as some of these challenges are addressed in the Fedora 13 cycle. Some big changes are coming, tune in to the upcoming FUDCon where there will be multiple talks and hack sessions regarding these challenges our developers, maintainers, testers, and users face.

A few interesting data points for Fedora 12:
- First release in a looong time (ever since I've been doing it perhaps?) that we didn't have to slip the final release date once we got past Beta.
- First release probably ever where the x86_64 DVD is seeing more torrent downloads than the i386 DVD
- Smoothest release day EVER. Seriously. The infrastructure folks really have this down and there were 0 issues.

One more thing that seriously impresses me about Fedora 12 is the launch of our spins site. This is a fabulous new site to really help showcase the different looks that Fedora as a project can offer, finally bringing to fruition something we had been talking about for many releases/years now. There is more website (re)design coming, and I am very excited about it.

Go on, give Fedora 12 a try. A Live image gives you folks with commitment issues something to try without risk, and the install DVD/CDs (and network install iso) gives you fine tuners the ability to hand select the software you get from our vast repository. I promise you we'll do the best we can to ensure a fun, safe, and free ride.

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