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FUDCon Toronto 2009

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Dec. 8th, 2009 | 08:09 pm

I'm back in the USA, having just attended FUDCon Toronto 2009. I haven't blogged about this before due to the state of both the hotel and the campus Internet offerings.

I felt that this FUDCon was wildly successful. We had a lot of familiar faces there, plus a good many who have never been to a FUDCon before. The barcamp talks pitched were amazing both in the sheer number of them, and also in the quality of the topics. There were very few talks that I /didn't/ want to go to, which made it really hard to pick the few I could go to, particularly because I was talking twice.

The first talk I did was a joint talk about message buses, and in particular how I plan to use a message bus to tie a number of our services together and start automating certain things. This is a fun topic for me as I've wanted to do this for many years and the pieces are now starting to come together for it.

The second talk I did was a last minute entry, something I decided to do after talking about it one evening with Jarod Wilson, and then with a variety of people during the long bus ride up to Toronto. The talk was my current plans for moving away from CVS as Fedora's package source control and instead using git. Not just that but some improvements to our work flow along the way. Slides found here.

Hackfest days were spent planning out the first onslaught of messaging targets, fine tuning release criteria with QA, discussing the Fedora updates experience, fine tuning release engineering tasks around releases, fine tuning the F13 schedule, and working on the dist-cvs->git transition. By the time the bus rolled into Westford this evening I had a series of commands working pretty well to convert some package modules in CVS into git the way we want it, but much more testing is required.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more results from FUDCon and while I don't want to travel again for a while, I can't wait for the next one!

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