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FUDCon Zurich day one

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Sep. 17th, 2010 | 02:27 pm
location: Switzerland, 8006 Zurich, Sonntagssteig

Like a few people I'm here in Zurich for FUDCon. This is my second European event and I'm excited!

Long flight getting here only to be met with a minor migraine. I was able to sleep it off as Jarod Smith and Spot relaxed in our room and recovered from their travel. We met up with mizmo for a dinner involving lots of cheese. Then we helped a little bit setting up the "expo" part of the show after seeing a bit more of the area around the show building than originally intended :) Went to sleep early to be ready for today, after employing extreme self control and skipping drinks with other Fedora people.

Today we got to the show with little drama having been there the night before. Jared gave a quick "welcome" talk and then Adam gave a talk on Fedora QA. I sat through Marcela's talk on perl but I was working on notes for my workshop and talk.

Lunch happened and it involved curry and more Fedora people. Now I'm listening to Miroslav's talk on Spacewalk.

More talks today and my workshop on rel-eng SOPs at 1600. Then there is an afterparty with the Froscamp folks, and I'm sure more socializing at the hotel bar tonight.

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