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Future of Fedora Release Engineering

I have now been doing Fedora Release Engineering for nearly 5 years. My first task was to rebuild every Fedora Core package for a gcc change leading up to the release of Fedora Core 5 (hey look, a --turbo option!). I've seen us through 10 releases, the merger of Core and Extras, countless mass rebuilds, the creation of Live Media and the explosion of spins, an unfortunate security incident, many evolutionary changes in our development process, the creation and growth of a release engineering volunteer team, the creation of release criteria, the migration of source control, and the creation of a plethora of Standard Operating Procedures for release engineering. It has been a challenging and very rewarding 5 years. But I need a break.

Starting after the release of Fedora 14, I will be stepping down as the lead release engineer for Fedora. I will be taking the knowledge and lessons learned from our migration of CVS to git and applying it internally at Red Hat to migrate our internal package source control to git as well. The number of packages and contributors is smaller, but the environment is far more complex, and I am very much looking forward to the challenge. We have estimated that it could take up to a year or longer to complete the task. During that time, Dennis Gilmore will be stepping in to lead the Fedora release engineering team. Dennis has been involved with Fedora for just about as long as I have, if not longer and will be able to fill the role perhaps even better than I could.

I won't be far away from the project, and I will continue to support and improve
things such as fedpkg development and necessary changes for our compose tools such as pungi. I'm always just an email or IRC ping (with data) away.

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